inspiration- floral centerpieces

December 7, 2009

Unlike many planners and brides, I don’t really “get” flowers. Yes, they’re seriously beautiful. Yes, they’re colorful. But… I just don’t know very much about flowers and I don’t have very many preferences about what kind or variety of flower is used as long as the end product is pretty. I contradict myself a lot too… sometimes I love the simple understated look and other times, the WOW-those-flowers-are-bright bouquets and arrangements. Go figure.

Anyway, since I’m trying to use this blog more frequently and effectively, I’ll try to start saving images that I do like so that my future florist has something to work with. Right now, all she’s gonna get is, “I don’t care as long as it looks nice.”

This pretty arrangement was part of a wedding featured on Junebug Weddings last week. I’m not sure if I thought it was stunning because of the lighting or because of the flowers, but they just look so pure and pretty, especially with the clean lines that the stems create. Since we don’t have a venue set, I haven’t been able to choose colors… and because I really love ALL colors (not even joking) I sometimes contemplate going with black and white just to avoid having to make a decision.

This arrangement I also loved, but for obviously different reasons. It was part of a wedding post over at 100 Layer Cake and the contrasting color combo of lavender and orange caught my attention. Pretty!


2 Responses to “inspiration- floral centerpieces”

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