inspiration – rectangular tables

December 7, 2009

I don’t know why, but I find long tables so much more attractive than rounds. I suppose rounds are nicer because everyone has more people to talk to and look at, but I just really love the look of tablecloths draped over long, rectangular tables.

This image is from a recent wedding on SMP, almost a little TOO simple for my taste.

THIS, on the other hand, is more the feel I love. I have a strange obsession with barns, but am forcing myself to acknowledge that there are no *real* barns in the area of Southern California I’m looking at. This was from a wedding posted on Green Wedding Shoes a while back, but it’s a good compromise of round/rectangular. The second image is from the actual photographer’s blog post… as I went hunting for more pictures.

Green Wedding Shoes just posted another wedding… and well, whaddayaknow… rectangular tables. Maybe what I love about rectangular tables is being to look down them and see the entire layout.

There have been tons of pretty, pretty rectangular table layouts that I’ve loved and I’ll try to find more so I can post them here. Getting to use long tables at my reception is going to totally depend on the venue, but at this point, can it hurt to dream?

And on a random side-note… if I’m gonna end up with round tables, I’d LOVE for them to turn out like this:

Seriously. This is a reception shot from a wedding that the [b]ecker shot at last year. To be completely honest, this is my dream venue- the Santa Lucia Preserve. Unfortunately, it’s located more in Northern or Central California than Southern, and I don’t think you can even dream of getting married there unless you own a part of the Preserve… or something like that. I’d graciously and gladly accept correction if anyone else says otherwise!


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