inspiration from green wedding shoes

January 7, 2010

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been WAY, way, behind on my Google Reader-ing and now that life is finally calming down a little, I’m getting to enjoy all the posts I missed.

I thought I might as well go blog-by-blog and note the images I loved, and in honor of Hanna & Richard’s wedding being featured, I chose GWS first.

I was a little confused about seeing a couple of weddings from Vermont featured on the “Southern California Inspiration for the Modern Bride” blog, but eye candy is eye candy. Both of the weddings (here and here) had pretty brown-ish, natural-looking, programs- one printed on real wood!

Then there was a “Winter Wonderland” themed inspiration board with this gem:

Obviously twine and burlap and all of this “natural-look” is kind of a trend right now, but I love the juxtaposition of the delicate pearls and lace with the rustic fabric and pine in her hands. I’ve thought about doing herbs or plants as a favor or even as a centerpiece because I’m not that gung-ho about using tons of flowers that we’ll have to give away or throw away after the reception’s over.

Speaking of trendy, the Marvimon House (and it’s sister property, the Smog Shoppe) have been posted all over the place too. GWS posted an eclectic Halloween wedding (also posted over at Once Wed) where I liked one tiny, small idea- labeling the buffet items and in a pretty, themed way.

Since food is so often a huge part of the budget, wouldn’t it make sense to let everyone know what they’re enjoying? As much as I LOVE paper goods, because I’m trying to be as practical and un-wasteful as possible, I’m thinking menus are probably not going to happen. This is definitely a cute, very feasible alternative, although I’m not sure I’d be using squash as my canvas, y’know.

And on a closing note, there was a wedding with sparklers. I love, LOVE, LOVE fireworks but since I’m not Katie Holmes, I’ll settle for sparklers. The problem is, most of the venues in SoCal are so fire-marshall-conscious that sparklers are strictly prohibited. Well. Ugh. A venue that allows sparkler isn’t going to be one of my absolute-must-have’s, but I’d be more than a little giddy if we found one that did.


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