out-of-town guest welcome bags

January 10, 2010

Thankfully most of my friends and family are centrally located in SoCal or NorCal… but I know that’s not the case for most people these days. With tons of out-of-town guests, flights, hotel accommodations, and out-of-town guest welcome bags suddenly become top priority. Okay, maybe not the welcome bags, but can definitely be a fun project to work on! Not to mention, most of it can be done way in advance.

Ruffled posted a handy dandy list of what they consider to be top 10 items for an OOT bag:

1. A Thank You card.
2. A Welcome note.
3. Water bottle.
4. A map (they’re often free). Also, a card with directions from the hotel to the venue.
5. Mints, snacks and treats.
6. Decent coffee (or tea). The Starbucks Via coffee comes in small packets of 3 and there’s also a pack of 48 for $34.95 on their website.
7. Tickets to a museum, movie or play, and a subway pass is your wedding is in NY. You can also find tourist guides for free!
8. Sunscreen if you’re having a beach wedding.
9. A weekend timeline if OOT guests are invited to rehearsal dinner and other wedding events.
10. Advil or Tylenol.

I think for me the top items would just be a Hello/Thank You note, water bottle (so no one has have to pay the hotel $5 for water that is essentially free from the tap), snacks and treats (you know how much I love snacks and treats, don’t you?), and an itinerary/map for the festivities.

Here are a couple examples of what people have done with it… creative containers, packaging, colors, etc.

From Elizabeth Anne

Also from Elizabeth Anne (can you see her Laura Hooper handmade map?)

It’d probably be a lot of fun making it all cute and presentable for the guests, but I think even doing this is in the spirit of hospitality and going above and beyond for your guests. Happy wedding guests = happy wedding!


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