let the planning begin

January 29, 2010

So… I’m engaged!

Eeeeeeeeee I know, right?

The first night was a lot of happy tears, laughing, a LOT of text messages, a delicious dinner at Skates on the Bay, then hanging out with friends and telling the story.

Then… pretty much the next morning, planning mode kicked in.
Because boy-fiance is dental school bound (Fall 2010), we wanted to get married early enough that we’ll have time to honeymoon, move (potentially across the country/state/bay) and for him to start doing research this summer. Crazy, right? We then factored in the wedding dates of about five other friends in June, July, and August and consulted Ingrid (of Jerry Yoon photography fame) for their availability and that left us with a few dates to choose from.

April 24, May 22, and May 29… which are 83, 112, and 119 days away from today, respectively. And instead of talking about how crazy this is, I’m just going to start planning! I’ve been doing SoCal venue research since August or September and have a fabulous Google Doc with my list of possible venues. We’re going to down to SoCal the first two weekends of February to hopefully take care of 1) venue/date 2) parents-meeting-parents (x2 since my parents are divorced & remarried) and 3) my dress!

Stay tuned!

One Response to “let the planning begin”

  1. lena Says:

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, indeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!!! =D

    but more excited for the wedding!
    butbut most excited for the marriaaaagggeee!! =D

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