bridal salon visit #2

February 10, 2010

Destination #2: Bay Area Bridal, Cupertino (Yelp)

A few Saturdays back, Bryan and I took a trip to the South Bay to meet up with a few friends who lived in the San Jose/Fremont area. Inbetween lunch and dinner, a good friend & my Maid of Honor, Lena, joined me in visiting two of the more well-known stores.

Bay Area Bridal definitely had a different feel than my visit to Glamour Closet. When I walked in, they had me sign in and then showed me these huge binders full of dresses and asked me to pull out the ones that I liked. I pulled about 10 images and then met with Jessica, my consultant for the day. The people of Yelp LOVE Jessica so I made sure to ask for her when I made my appointment.

Lesson learned #2: Different bridal consultants make a huge impact!

She was kind of younger, Chinese, and definitely knew her stuff. She asked my budget and then told me which of the dresses worked within that range (less than $1000). One of the dresses she removed I actually had really liked, so I ended up trying on 1 dress out of my desired price range, 2-3 that I had picked from the binder, and another 2-3 that Jessica picked based on my feedback and comments.

Jessica took me into a glorified fitting room and helped me getting into one dress… then the next, the next, etc. She was cheerful despite how busy she seemed, and offered feedback whenever I asked. There were a handful of other parties there at the same time, but I didn’t really mind. I ended up liking two of the Maggie Sottero dresses I had tried on (Adele and Madison, I think? both between $800-900) and then the too-expensive dress that I had asked for- Mikaella 1409 ($1210). They let us take pictures so I have a few to remember the dresses- including some with veils. I don’t really love love veils, but I once overheard a conversation where the mom or consultant or friend basically told the bride, “Your wedding is the only day you get to wear a train and a veil, so do it!” I’ll probably follow her advice. :)

Because the wedding’s coming up so soon, I’m unable to go the normal route and order a dress from the maker and have it shipped here, etc. Instead, I’ll probably end up buying a sample dress (I think I’m a size 10, mayyybe an 8 depending on the dress) and hopefully bargaining a little.

As I left, Jessica gave me her card and all the info on the two dresses I had liked and told me to call her if I ended up finding another dress I liked somewhere else because they could always try to make it work here too. I left Bay Area pretty content since I had found a couple of things I liked and that’s always good news!

Some conclusions/thoughts:

  • I like Taffeta! It’s not as clingy and has a slightly more casual feel, which would work with the outdoor ceremony/reception. I’m not attached to it, but definitely something I’m thinking about.
  • Pockets are definitely as awesome as they sound. Maybe they’d be too dangerous because I’d be so tempted to stick my Blackberry in my pocket…
  • I prefer straight over sweetheart necklines
  • I’m probably going to end up with a strapless dress (despite all my non-strapless ranting earlier) purely because of selection and options available
Okay. Next stop, Trudys!

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