bridal salon visit #3

February 11, 2010

Destination #3: Trudys, Campbell (Yelp)

Trudy’s was kind of a mix between Glamour Closet and Bay Area Bridal for me. It had the huge selection and dozens of consultants running around, but it also felt a little more luxurious. They had lemon infused water and small cookies available when you walked in– that says something, right?

I didn’t see a super unanimous love for any one consultant, so I didn’t ask for anyone in particular when scheduling my appointment. It’s funny, actually, how I ended up with an appointment. I had called and was told that they didn’t have anything that fit my availability so I kind of gave up. Buuuut, then, I was perusing the website and they have a form you can fill out with preferred times to schedule an appointment. I figured it couldn’t hurt to try again, and guess what? Appointment confirmed. Wahoo!

Lesson learned #3: Try and try again!

I was introduced to Sheryl when I got there and she walked me over to a really quiet part of the salon and asked me some questions about my date, preferred styles, size, budget, etc. She then disappeared for a little while perusing the hundreds of dresses around. She had a very different approach to everything than Jessica at Bay Area Bridal. Rather than just bringing me dresses I had picked out or liked, she kind of tried to problem solve and brought different types of dresses each time. I could tell she was really trying to find something perfect for me.

I had mentioned my whole no-strapless dream but also admitted that I knew it was really difficult to find based on what I had already seen. But… she was so nice about it! I could tell she was really trying because she brought me a couple of dresses with straps initially, one that I kind of liked from Mori Lee. Lena and my other friend didn’t really like the dresses she had brought out, so out she went again. Tried a couple of strapless dresses that were just okay- I think there was a little too much beadwork and embellishment on them. Then she kind of asked about lace and brought out this lacey beaded type dress with straps and a high back. I tried it on and initially didn’t really like it, but when I turned around and saw the high back, I LOVED. Seriously girls, high back is so pretty. Hahahaha… the rest of the dress didn’t look quite right or fit quite perfectly (the bust in particular) so I took it off and tried more.

Then, when Sheryl was looking for more dresses, I noticed the price tag on the lace dress. $400. WHAT THE. $400?!?!?! I tried it on again… she tried to show me how we could alter it and such, and I seriously, seriously considered buying the dress. In the end, it was a no- but seriously, $400? I was really surprised because the dress was really different than anything I had ever imagined wearing on my wedding day… but I was glad I had tried it on and went through that experience.

Lesson learned #4: Try on dresses you would never imagine wearing. What do you have to lose?

By this time, I was getting a little bit of wedding-dress fatigue so we thanked Sheryl and left. I didn’t expect to get hit by wedding-dress lightning, but I’m definitely hoping I find my dress this upcoming weekend when I go back to LA. *crossing fingers!*


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