the (paper) goods

February 12, 2010

Although I’ve only been posting about the wedding dress search, TONS has been going on behind the scenes… I just haven’t had the time or energy to document it all. But, I will! … or I’ll try to, at least.

Thankfully one of my “vendors”, Janet of Whimsical Thumb, has decided to start blogging as well! As soon as everything goes more public with the theme and design and invitations and website, she’ll post pictures and such on her blog. Here’s the general status of everything (invitations, envelopes, directions insert, thank you cards, etcetc), and she already somewhat document the huge headache (and later victory) that came from trying to print addresses onto our envelopes (instead of using *icky* labels or paying for super expensive calligraphy) on this post.

Taking a step back, I love paper and could easily spend thousands of dollars on all of our stationery. Like many others, I love the classic, elegant look of letterpress invitations but it clearly (and unfortunately) wasn’t in our budget. The next best thing was to make sure that what we printed digitally was custom and personalized. After pouring over different sites and blogs, checking out other people’s featured work, I concluded that I liked a mix of simple, modern elements with cute, playful colors and fonts. Although I love the look of pretty orchids and flowery designs (like those on Wedding Paper Divas), they were a little too generic for me!

So, I had a lot of ideas about what I wanted my invitations and such to look like, which led to dozens (if not hundreds?) of email exchanges and GChat conversations over the intricacies of design, things she needed from me, paper measurements, and more. We had a lot of fun drawing on scratch paper and napkins, going back and forth about different ways to fold the paper, different sizes of paper, crazy in-the-clouds ideas like perforation and punching out holes, but I’m really really happy with what we came up with.

Janet’s GREAT at what she does, and I’m so excited to send them out soon!


One Response to “the (paper) goods”

  1. Estera Says:

    can’t wait to see them!

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