bridal salon visit #4

February 17, 2010

Destination #3: Jessica McClintock Outlet, San Francisco (Yelp)

So technically this was not a bridal salon- it was more of a wedding dress outlet. To compare, it was kind of like a TJ Maxx or Nordstrom Rack… no plushy carpet, no pretty decorations, just lots of racks of pretty intensely discounted dresses. Based on Yelp and the comments of a few friends, I didn’t have high hopes to find THE DRESS at the outlet, but hey, you never know! The mere possibility of finding a dress for less than $100 was pretty dang enticing.

Lena, my MOH, and I coordinated our schedules and figured out the Muni schedule so that we could take an extended lunch break and trek out to the outlet. After reading some of the Yelp reviews, I was expecting some kind of crazy sample saleĀ madness, but t was WAY less crazy than I had expected, maybe because it was around 11am on a weekday. Lena and I were among the only people there, so we had lots of space to comb through the racks and pull things we liked.

The larger half of the store is dedicated to bridesmaids dresses (or party/special occasion dresses, I guess) in a variety of colors. There were maybe 3 or 4 dresses in purple and so we looked at the one we liked and Lena tried it on. Unfortunately they didn’t have the sizes we needed, but if they did, the $60 price tag would have been a really good deal. We would have had to get them altered so I guess it would cost more but… whatever. Everything’s final sale there, so we moved on!

We then combed through the racks of wedding dresses and pulled almost anything in my size just for the sake of trying it on. There were maybe 5 or 6 different styles I pulled from the racks, which weren’t organized by size or style or anything like that. We went into the huge-o changing room (locker room style, no pictures) and tried on the dresses.

I didn’t like most of the dresses, but the last one I tried on caught my attention. It had a small train (unlike all of the other dresses) and even though it was simple, it was simple in a pretty, minimalistic way. I actually hadn’t wanted to try it on because it looked too simple, but I’m glad I did.

Lesson Learned #5: Looks can be deceiving! Try and try again!

I LOVED the price tag (~$60?) but the only real problem with the dress was that it was too short in the front (hovered over the ground instead of on in) and I wasn’t sure how much work it would be to get it altered. Juuust in case, I tried on a few other dresses in the same size but the same issue came up– too short :( It was a weird issue because it didn’t come up at any of the other salons, but good to know, I guess.

Another random note- given the nature of the store and the changing room, all of the dresses were really dirty on the bottom and along the train- so cleaning fees are something to consider.

Given the return policy and how I wasn’t 100% in love with the dress, I left it there. I figured that if I didn’t find any thing I really liked in SoCal that coming weekend, I could fall back on the $100 plan B… B for SUPER budget-friendly!


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