ring bearer something

February 23, 2010

There are tons (upon tons) of things I could blog about at this point, but I figured I’d take a break from dress-related posts and talk about something totally different.

Our flower girl and ring bearer are two cute toddlers (twins!)- Davey (David) and Lauren. They’re going to be just about 2 and a half by the time the wedding comes around and so I’m fully prepared for the possibility that they might not make it down the aisle due to fear, crying, crankiness, or the general unpredictability of toddlers.

Regardless, I’m going to hope for the best and plan as if they’ll make it smiling cutely down the aisle. I contemplated the idea of doing something non-traditional (since we are, in a lot of ways, nontraditional) but haven’t fully decided one way or the other. I’ve bought the twins balloons before and since balloons start with B, I thought it might be cute to have them walk down the aisle with green/purple balloons. Bryan kind of vetoed the idea because it seemed informal and borderline tacky, but the idea’s not fully removed from my mind…

We picked up a simple little basket for Lauren at one of the many random wedding stores in LA’s garment district a few weeks back but I didn’t like any of the super white satin-y pillows for Davey. I know there are better alternatives but still have to do some Etsy searching to see what’s out there.

The Palmoa’s Nest ring bearer bowl has been around for a little while and is very pretty, ceramic, and can be re-used as decor after the wedding. It’s a little pricey, though, and I’m not sure a two-and-a-half year old would be able to handle it all that gentle-y…

There are a lot of blog/forums posts on this subject but I haven’t seen anything I LOVED yet. A lot of people suggest some kind of floral or plant type pillow, a stuffed animal, a vintage ring box or tin… but none of those really feel like US.

If we end up going with a ring bearer pillow, I’ll probably try to find someone on Etsy who can make one in our colors- like WhiteThistleBridal or Woomi or…

from WhiteThistleBridal

from Woomi

You know what’s hilarious? As I was typing this post and rummaging through Etsy, I found EXACTLY what we wanted for our wedding. AHA! I’ll post about it after the purchase is made & arrives… :) :) :)


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