our invitations

March 4, 2010

Janet over at Whimsical Thumb very thoroughly blogged about the invitation process and then the final result… here are some images and lots of links to her blog entries.

We had an overwhelmingly positive response to our invitations- even Bryan’s parents said that they weren’t very traditional, but they liked them anyway. Wooooohoo!

Overview of the Invitation (front/back) map & envelope:

The laborious (not really) process:

We printed the envelopes at home on Bryan’s printer and it was basically a huge finger-crossing, trial & error experiment. After digging around on Yelp and through WeddingBee and such, I found out it was very expensive to get envelopes printed. Janet documented this sad predicament here.

We printed the invitations using our church’s printer (but it required a trip to Kinko’s) and then had Kinko’s exacto-cut the paper so that we’d get cleaner lines and even proportions. It only costs $1.50 for them to make 1 cut through up to 250 pages… why would anyone EVER try to use a paper cutter themselves? No way!

Folding (not so easy, huh?? explanation here)

Stamping (stamp ordered/purchased from Berkeley Stamp Co)

Stuffing and stamping of the envelopes (the king/queen stamps purchased through the good ol’ USPS)

We got a couple of invitations sent back to us (sad!) but for the most part, everyone should have received their invitations. It’s exciting to see the RSVP’s slowly roll in… thank you Janet!!!


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