March 4, 2010

Everyone has a different experience registering, it seems. Some of my friends have lots of fun (like my friend Hanna) while others completely opt out and either do it 100% online or ask for only gift cards/cash (Asian culture, what can you say!).

I had hoped that registering would be fun and simple, but it really wasn’t. Instead of having fun running around, I was trying to make sure we got everything we needed and the checklists that the store provided (in addition to the ones we found online) were way too detailed and elaborate for me. We were both a little tired when we got to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and so I’m sure that didn’t help either. The first big mistake was that we walked toward the towels and had no idea what colors we wanted. We haven’t signed a lease for our future place yet and so I don’t really know what it looks like. Doh. We ended up going with a pretty neutral color scheme and just hoped it would work out. Worst case scenario is that we’ll have to deal with a lot of exchanges and returns later on.

BB&B was a little exhausting, but we started fresh the next morning at a Crate and Barrel wedding party event (it perfectly matched our schedule- score!). This was a lot more fun because they opened the store early for couples to register and had a cute photo booth, demonstrations, tastings (panini press, crepes, drinks, breakfast pastries), and they gave us a cute thank you gift (we got a pair of champagne flutes). I think it was also fun because Crate and Barrel just isn’t as overwhelming as BB&B in terms of the store layout and such.

After both events, I ended up on the computer at home for a few hours, creating a registry for Williams Sonoma (because they had the perfect Le Ceruset color and great dish towels/kitchen linens) and Amazon (who has a good mix of everything and the perfect Kitchenaid mixer color!).

I then spent a few hours combing through the BB&B and Crate+Barrel websites trying to make sure we were registering for the best items, adjusting quantities, shuffling things here and there, reading reviews, etcetcetc. For example, Bryan originally wanted a Grind and Brew but apparently a LOT of people dislike it for dozens of different reasons. We then looked around and around and ended up settling on a taking my parents’ grinder (they have a Grind and Brew now) and adding the Coffee on Demand to our registry.

I had a lot more fun playing with the registries at home on my own and finalized all the registries before sending out our invitations :)

Here are some of my favorite items on our registries:

  • Le Ceruset (above)
  • Stand Mixer (above)
  • Wusthof bread knife (I decided against registering for a knife block and instead just chose some knives that are well-received/reviewed/necessary)
  • Our bed linens– we didn’t like anything at BB&B, but this set from Crate+Barrel I liked a lot!
  • Tons of bamboo items from Crate+Barrel- serving utensils, cutting boards, trivets… wahoo!
  • The Magic Bullet (instead of a traditional blender… hehe)
  • Simplehuman trash cans (seriously the best)
  • Fun stuff- a new camera (we seriously don’t take any pictures after my camera was stolen back in August), board games, tools for Bryan

I don’t expect everything we requested to be fulfilled, but hopefully there’s a big enough variety of items for people who want to buy/bring gifts. Plus, most registry services will send you a coupon after the wedding so that you can buy anything that wasn’t gifted at a discount. Cool, huh? Something else I learned- some companies will give you gifts just for registering for a certain amount of their products! Weird, huh? I think they’re called “registry incentives”… make sure to take note of that for the next time you have to register for gifts.

Having attended plenty of weddings and organizing the gift-buying on behalf of many friends, it puts me in a kind of confusing position because I know that as a gift-purchaser, I love Amazon for it’s prices and free shipping. However, as a gift-receiver, I know that returns through Amazon are going to be a lot more work than returning something to BB&B. Even looking through my registries now, it looks like almost all of the gifts purchased so far have been through Amazon. Hopefully those BB&B coupons everyone has laying around will be put to good use and our guests won’t get ripped off with these ridonkulous shipping charges.


    One Response to “registry-ing”

    1. Kristi T Says:

      We loved registering at C&B during the events as well. Although most of the stuff we wanted in one place was at BBB. Don’t know if you’ve seen it, but Crate and Barrel is giving away a $100,000 wedding — have you entered?

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