ring bearer & flower girl, check!

March 17, 2010

It arrived!!! I love when things get done!

After a four day weekend in SoCal, Bryan and I came back and found a USPS box waiting for me from lovely Etsy seller, RomancingJuliet. I had been searching madly and kind of brainstorming ideas, but then happened upon this super cute burlap set! It worked out perfectly because I hadn’t wanted something satiny or shiny, and with 2 and a half year old twins (hopefully) walking down the aisle, I was afraid of something that might end up being too fragile. We’re incorporating burlap into the wedding a few different ways, so this worked out perfectly. Not to mention, burlap starts with… you got it, B!

We opened up the box and it was exactly what I had hoped. The flower girl basket is the perfect size for Lauren and while the pillow’s a little bigger than I imagined, I think it’ll do just fine.

Around the same time, I also found cute kids’ Converse on sale (thank you Wise Bread!):

As with most good sales, they didn’t have every style in every size, but I thought it worked out well given that I could find shoes for both Lauren and Davey in purple. Hopefully the sizes match!


One Response to “ring bearer & flower girl, check!”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Burlap, what an excellent fabric choice! Classy, but very durable.

    I also like the purple Chucks. I hope you find the right sizes for them!

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