b’maids part 2

March 19, 2010

Apologies, dear readers, as this post is long overdue! When I have time to blog, I’m always torn between catching up on older decisions/purchases and blogging whatever’s currently on my mind. In theory a disciplined blogger wouldn’t have this problem… so, hopefully/eventually, I’ll become a more disciplined blogger and keep you all up to date with everything that’s going on.

I had last mentioned the Target dresses and shoes I had liked, but then alluded to how I ended up not needing them. The dresses arrived and looked a little more casual than I had liked, so when I went down to LA a few weeks back, I considered renting bridesmaid dresses from the same salon that I rented my dress.

I don’t think I’ve really talked about Bella Wedding and how it was the last stop on my wedding-dress-search, but I will… I promise! Anyway, I was early to my appointment and took time to browse through the racks of dresses- both for me and my b’maids. There were a handful of purple dresses, maybe 2 long and 2 short? I only really liked one style, but thankfully, I only needed to choose one! An added bonus, I had wanted to do long dresses (they just look nicer, I think) but was hesitant since two of my bridesmaids are on the shorter side. BUT!! Rentals include alterations! Woohoo!

Here’s what I chose:

Say hello to the chiffon Bari Jay style #641 in raspberry! I think it looks a little more purple and less pink in person, but regardless, this is it! Bella Wedding had 3 of the dresses in stock but because of the way the sizes worked out, we had to “super-rush-order” one more.

For me, renting bridesmaid dresses seemed to be the best option given the look I wanted and all of the inventory I’d already looked through. It ended up costing less to rent than to buy bridesmaid dresses from David’s Bridal (or any store like that) but more than it would have cost to buy dresses from Target or places like that. Fair, no?

Unfortunately Bella Wedding’s in SoCal and my bridesmaids are not (two in NorCal and one in Taiwan) so they won’t get to try on their altered dresses until the right before the wedding. I’m not too worried because I’ve been getting updated measurements from the b’maids, so trusting that all will be well.

For shoes, I loved the purple Target pumps but because the colors were slightly off, I was deeeeelighted to find the same shoe in ivory (or champagne, as Target calls it):

All in all very happy with my purchases/rentals and hopefully the bridesmaids will look beeeeeeeeyootiful in them!


One Response to “b’maids part 2”

  1. junia Says:

    i really thought you were buying black dresses with purple shoes…well, good thing you update your blog. LOL

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