uh hello, this is us

March 23, 2010

The lovely, fabulous, amazing Jerry Yoon & Ingrid sent me an email this afternoon while I was out at lunch (the ONE day I’m not eating lunch at my desk!!!) and it contained a zip file full our engagement pictures. I think my heart stopped beating temporarily as I nervously waited for it to download and then extract… and then even after it was extracted, I was a little terrified of seeing myself (ourselves) on camera.

But, why should I be nervous? I trust Jerry! I beyond trust Jerry. I recommend him blindly to my friends and their friends and have seen everything he’s posted on his blog for years.

Pictures were taken out in Livermore near… who knows where. I really don’t know- 3G and EDGE both died on us while driving around and so I just gave up trying to figure out where we were.

I love them :) I think there Jerry took a lot more (I can remember posing in weird ways or certain spots that we stood… whatever) but I’m so happy to see these and … yeah, I’m just happy right now :)

We’re probably going to blow up 2-3 of them to display at the wedding… any favorites?


11 Responses to “uh hello, this is us”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Yayay, engagement photos! My favorites: this and this.

  2. viv Says:

    Hi Bethany, you don’t know me — I’m pretty sure I found this site through a mutual Berkeley friend (I remember thinking that we are the same age), but I can’t remember the exact details. I love these pictures! 108, 110, 112 are the best.


  3. jp Says:

    MAMA! I love them! YYAYAYAYYY!!!! The last one is my fav! :)

  4. lena Says:

    i love them, bethanyyyy =D!

    110! laughing under the bridge hehe
    108 (cute!)
    104 (just looks cooool..and i like how it looks like you guys are walking through humongo grass leaves aha)

  5. linh Says:

    2nd to last photo all the way. Happy smiling couple = win!

  6. Junia Says:

    if you’re blowing up you should do
    102 just because the whole concept and contrast and shapes are pretty dang cool.
    I like 110 and 111 too.
    112 might gross people (me) out.. BUT if you like it, then you should do that one.

    Beth, Jerry did an awesome job with balance! i am very impressed.

  7. sally Says:

    last one for sure!!

  8. sally Says:

    hahah btw.. you are white and bryan is black lol

  9. vimo Says:

    i like 111 =D

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