NAMW: wedding trends

March 24, 2010

*NAMW = Not At My Wedding

Trends obviously become trends because when they’re discovered, they’re extraordinary, unique, creative, and generally wonderful ideas. No one sets out to do something “because everyone else is doing it”… but sometimes, being a regular reader of wedding blogs makes me think that there must be some kind of unawareness or contentment with doing what other people are doing.

No, I don’t mean having floral centerpieces or a video save the date or even custom water bottle/wine bottle labels (all of which are “trends” to a degree, but have been around for a long time). I’m referring more to:

Vintage Books (often as centerpieces)

from a shoot by Simply Bloom photography posted on Elizabeth Anne designs

from a real wedding shot by One Love Photo posted on Snippet & Ink

from a recent wedding posted on Ruffled

Birds & Owls

from a shoot by Simply Bloom photography posted on Elizabeth Anne designs

from a recent wedding posted on Ruffled

Birdcages (often used at the guestbook/welcoming table)

from a recent wedding shot by Joshua Caine on Green Wedding Shoes

from a wedding shot by Amelia Lyon, featured all over the place, including Green Wedding Shoes

from a recent wedding shot by Blink Photography on Ruffled

Mason Jars

from a recent wedding shot by Blink Photography on Ruffled

from a wedding featured on Once Wed and in Martha Stewart Weddings

Vintage Typewriters

from a real wedding shot by One Love Photo posted on Snippet & Ink

from a recent wedding shot by Blink Photography on Ruffled

from a wedding posted on Once Wed

And mind you, there are tons of other wedding trends: mustaches (on a stick), vintage suitcases (popular in engagement sessions), library card files (ever since they were beautifully used at Jessica Claire’s wedding), homemade jam favors, pinwheels… and more.

I have absolutely nothing against these trends individually. In fact, I loved the way that Angel used vintage books and a typewriter at my friend Veronica’s wedding a few years ago. I just don’t like that everyone seems to be copying everyone else instead of doing something that’s more about THEM. Even though books and birds start with B, I’m pretty sure that we won’t be using them at our wedding.

*Note: I didn’t have to look very hard for the images above. I found most of them in blog posts from the past month and only from a few blogs. If I had tried to, I think I could have easily found 10+ examples of each trend across multiple blogs and sites.


real wood save the dates

March 23, 2010

I scroll and browse through so many blogs on a daily basis that most of the images just kind of blur past me… but this save the date featured on Elizabeth Anne not only caused me to pause, but to admire, email it to Janet, and post about it myself!

SO COOL, right?! Bryan and I didn’t really have time for save the dates (engagement to wedding is just over 3 months) but I know that my practicality would have prevented me from even dreaming up something like this. Beautiful textures, I love the fabric and stitching… just… love.

more bouquet thoughts

January 14, 2010

Surprise surprise, there were more interesting bouquet images in my Google Reader. Yay!

Leila from Inspired By This (Be Inspired PR) did a post with some bouquets by La Partie Events… which of course sparked a lot of thoughts.

Another Stephanie Williams bouquet:

I must be biased toward yellow, but wanted to point out that this bouquet is also cute… yellow fabric/ribbon (whatever it is, it’s not shiny!) and pretty green stems. Lovely.

I liked these pictures by KLK Photography and thought about whether or not I’d want my stems not as tightly bound and more loose and free like this. I think these look really nice too, maybe also because this is a more casual-feeling portrait. If I was having a more casual, informal wedding, I think I’d consider the loose stems… but with somewhat more traditional future-in-laws… I have a feeling everything’s going to be more formal (which is not a bad thing! just a decision that won’t have to be made).

Here’s a bouquet I spotted on a wedding posted on The Bride’s Cafe. I thought the rope/twine/etc was a nice alternative to fabric and also keeps it neutral.

Another example of rope from EA Designs:

photo by Susan Stripling

I’m not sure why I’m on such a bouquet wrapping posting spree… I must be a little preoccupied, huh?

Thankfully most of my friends and family are centrally located in SoCal or NorCal… but I know that’s not the case for most people these days. With tons of out-of-town guests, flights, hotel accommodations, and out-of-town guest welcome bags suddenly become top priority. Okay, maybe not the welcome bags, but can definitely be a fun project to work on! Not to mention, most of it can be done way in advance.

Ruffled posted a handy dandy list of what they consider to be top 10 items for an OOT bag:

1. A Thank You card.
2. A Welcome note.
3. Water bottle.
4. A map (they’re often free). Also, a card with directions from the hotel to the venue.
5. Mints, snacks and treats.
6. Decent coffee (or tea). The Starbucks Via coffee comes in small packets of 3 and there’s also a pack of 48 for $34.95 on their website.
7. Tickets to a museum, movie or play, and a subway pass is your wedding is in NY. You can also find tourist guides for free!
8. Sunscreen if you’re having a beach wedding.
9. A weekend timeline if OOT guests are invited to rehearsal dinner and other wedding events.
10. Advil or Tylenol.

I think for me the top items would just be a Hello/Thank You note, water bottle (so no one has have to pay the hotel $5 for water that is essentially free from the tap), snacks and treats (you know how much I love snacks and treats, don’t you?), and an itinerary/map for the festivities.

Here are a couple examples of what people have done with it… creative containers, packaging, colors, etc.

From Elizabeth Anne

Also from Elizabeth Anne (can you see her Laura Hooper handmade map?)

It’d probably be a lot of fun making it all cute and presentable for the guests, but I think even doing this is in the spirit of hospitality and going above and beyond for your guests. Happy wedding guests = happy wedding!