NAMW: wedding trends

March 24, 2010

*NAMW = Not At My Wedding

Trends obviously become trends because when they’re discovered, they’re extraordinary, unique, creative, and generally wonderful ideas. No one sets out to do something “because everyone else is doing it”… but sometimes, being a regular reader of wedding blogs makes me think that there must be some kind of unawareness or contentment with doing what other people are doing.

No, I don’t mean having floral centerpieces or a video save the date or even custom water bottle/wine bottle labels (all of which are “trends” to a degree, but have been around for a long time). I’m referring more to:

Vintage Books (often as centerpieces)

from a shoot by Simply Bloom photography posted on Elizabeth Anne designs

from a real wedding shot by One Love Photo posted on Snippet & Ink

from a recent wedding posted on Ruffled

Birds & Owls

from a shoot by Simply Bloom photography posted on Elizabeth Anne designs

from a recent wedding posted on Ruffled

Birdcages (often used at the guestbook/welcoming table)

from a recent wedding shot by Joshua Caine on Green Wedding Shoes

from a wedding shot by Amelia Lyon, featured all over the place, including Green Wedding Shoes

from a recent wedding shot by Blink Photography on Ruffled

Mason Jars

from a recent wedding shot by Blink Photography on Ruffled

from a wedding featured on Once Wed and in Martha Stewart Weddings

Vintage Typewriters

from a real wedding shot by One Love Photo posted on Snippet & Ink

from a recent wedding shot by Blink Photography on Ruffled

from a wedding posted on Once Wed

And mind you, there are tons of other wedding trends: mustaches (on a stick), vintage suitcases (popular in engagement sessions), library card files (ever since they were beautifully used at Jessica Claire’s wedding), homemade jam favors, pinwheels… and more.

I have absolutely nothing against these trends individually. In fact, I loved the way that Angel used vintage books and a typewriter at my friend Veronica’s wedding a few years ago. I just don’t like that everyone seems to be copying everyone else instead of doing something that’s more about THEM. Even though books and birds start with B, I’m pretty sure that we won’t be using them at our wedding.

*Note: I didn’t have to look very hard for the images above. I found most of them in blog posts from the past month and only from a few blogs. If I had tried to, I think I could have easily found 10+ examples of each trend across multiple blogs and sites.


in lieu of cake

January 8, 2010

I’m not a big cake (or cupcake) person. With the exception of ice cream cake (ex: from the amazing Bi-Rite Creamery), most of the time cake is just… cake. (And to be completely honest, I think I mostly like ice cream cake for the ice cream.) It’s really strange because I am a HUGE sweets person–I love chocolate, all kinds of cookies, scones, brownies, etc… but cake just doesn’t do it for me.

Therefore, it would probably make me really sad if I *had* to buy a wedding cake. Although they can be beautiful and have a lot of tradition behind them, I think I’d prefer to opt for something different.

Thankfully, I’m not alone! Even aside from the huge cupcake phenomenon, there are tons of couples choosing nontraditional desserts & dessert-bars.

Some examples…

Dessert spreads/buffets by Amy Atlas (the most well-known in this area) are all over the place. She’s done dozens of dessert spreads for a wide variety of events and they’re always gorgeous. Unfortunately, because she’s such a huge name, I probably can’t afford her.

a birthday party featured on SMP

a very festive looking candy bar on Black Eiffel

The Sweet and Saucy Shop is another popular SoCal bakery and their spreads look pretty dang perfect!

From a wedding that Ashley Rose shot

A spread they did for a wedding posted on GWS

So, yes. There are tons of alternatives! If we end up having a summer wedding, the idea of busting out ice cream and/or fro-yo are also very, very exciting possibilities. Snippet & Ink posted a wedding a while back with mini-ice cream cones (squeal!) and Ritzy Bee recently posted about a sundae bar… both very cute, fun ideas. I imagine the sundae bar could get a little messy though.

Fro-yo, however, is more-or-less uncharted territory. I have no idea how hard it is to cart those frozen yogurt machines around, but I pretty much consumer tart yogurt with mochi at Yogurtland like it’s water and both my boyfriend & I have friends or family who own fro-yo franchises. Apparently, Pinkberry’s already on the ball and Caroline Tran shot a wedding in September where they had Pinkberry catering! I found out through the Inspired By This blog, which has a little more info.

Conclusion is, I don’t want to have cake at the wedding and apparently I don’t have to… and it’s nice to know I’m not the only one :)

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been WAY, way, behind on my Google Reader-ing and now that life is finally calming down a little, I’m getting to enjoy all the posts I missed.

I thought I might as well go blog-by-blog and note the images I loved, and in honor of Hanna & Richard’s wedding being featured, I chose GWS first.

I was a little confused about seeing a couple of weddings from Vermont featured on the “Southern California Inspiration for the Modern Bride” blog, but eye candy is eye candy. Both of the weddings (here and here) had pretty brown-ish, natural-looking, programs- one printed on real wood!

Then there was a “Winter Wonderland” themed inspiration board with this gem:

Obviously twine and burlap and all of this “natural-look” is kind of a trend right now, but I love the juxtaposition of the delicate pearls and lace with the rustic fabric and pine in her hands. I’ve thought about doing herbs or plants as a favor or even as a centerpiece because I’m not that gung-ho about using tons of flowers that we’ll have to give away or throw away after the reception’s over.

Speaking of trendy, the Marvimon House (and it’s sister property, the Smog Shoppe) have been posted all over the place too. GWS posted an eclectic Halloween wedding (also posted over at Once Wed) where I liked one tiny, small idea- labeling the buffet items and in a pretty, themed way.

Since food is so often a huge part of the budget, wouldn’t it make sense to let everyone know what they’re enjoying? As much as I LOVE paper goods, because I’m trying to be as practical and un-wasteful as possible, I’m thinking menus are probably not going to happen. This is definitely a cute, very feasible alternative, although I’m not sure I’d be using squash as my canvas, y’know.

And on a closing note, there was a wedding with sparklers. I love, LOVE, LOVE fireworks but since I’m not Katie Holmes, I’ll settle for sparklers. The problem is, most of the venues in SoCal are so fire-marshall-conscious that sparklers are strictly prohibited. Well. Ugh. A venue that allows sparkler isn’t going to be one of my absolute-must-have’s, but I’d be more than a little giddy if we found one that did.

I don’t know why, but I find long tables so much more attractive than rounds. I suppose rounds are nicer because everyone has more people to talk to and look at, but I just really love the look of tablecloths draped over long, rectangular tables.

This image is from a recent wedding on SMP, almost a little TOO simple for my taste.

THIS, on the other hand, is more the feel I love. I have a strange obsession with barns, but am forcing myself to acknowledge that there are no *real* barns in the area of Southern California I’m looking at. This was from a wedding posted on Green Wedding Shoes a while back, but it’s a good compromise of round/rectangular. The second image is from the actual photographer’s blog post… as I went hunting for more pictures.

Green Wedding Shoes just posted another wedding… and well, whaddayaknow… rectangular tables. Maybe what I love about rectangular tables is being to look down them and see the entire layout.

There have been tons of pretty, pretty rectangular table layouts that I’ve loved and I’ll try to find more so I can post them here. Getting to use long tables at my reception is going to totally depend on the venue, but at this point, can it hurt to dream?

And on a random side-note… if I’m gonna end up with round tables, I’d LOVE for them to turn out like this:

Seriously. This is a reception shot from a wedding that the [b]ecker shot at last year. To be completely honest, this is my dream venue- the Santa Lucia Preserve. Unfortunately, it’s located more in Northern or Central California than Southern, and I don’t think you can even dream of getting married there unless you own a part of the Preserve… or something like that. I’d graciously and gladly accept correction if anyone else says otherwise!