NAMW: wedding trends

March 24, 2010

*NAMW = Not At My Wedding

Trends obviously become trends because when they’re discovered, they’re extraordinary, unique, creative, and generally wonderful ideas. No one sets out to do something “because everyone else is doing it”… but sometimes, being a regular reader of wedding blogs makes me think that there must be some kind of unawareness or contentment with doing what other people are doing.

No, I don’t mean having floral centerpieces or a video save the date or even custom water bottle/wine bottle labels (all of which are “trends” to a degree, but have been around for a long time). I’m referring more to:

Vintage Books (often as centerpieces)

from a shoot by Simply Bloom photography posted on Elizabeth Anne designs

from a real wedding shot by One Love Photo posted on Snippet & Ink

from a recent wedding posted on Ruffled

Birds & Owls

from a shoot by Simply Bloom photography posted on Elizabeth Anne designs

from a recent wedding posted on Ruffled

Birdcages (often used at the guestbook/welcoming table)

from a recent wedding shot by Joshua Caine on Green Wedding Shoes

from a wedding shot by Amelia Lyon, featured all over the place, including Green Wedding Shoes

from a recent wedding shot by Blink Photography on Ruffled

Mason Jars

from a recent wedding shot by Blink Photography on Ruffled

from a wedding featured on Once Wed and in Martha Stewart Weddings

Vintage Typewriters

from a real wedding shot by One Love Photo posted on Snippet & Ink

from a recent wedding shot by Blink Photography on Ruffled

from a wedding posted on Once Wed

And mind you, there are tons of other wedding trends: mustaches (on a stick), vintage suitcases (popular in engagement sessions), library card files (ever since they were beautifully used at Jessica Claire’s wedding), homemade jam favors, pinwheels… and more.

I have absolutely nothing against these trends individually. In fact, I loved the way that Angel used vintage books and a typewriter at my friend Veronica’s wedding a few years ago. I just don’t like that everyone seems to be copying everyone else instead of doing something that’s more about THEM. Even though books and birds start with B, I’m pretty sure that we won’t be using them at our wedding.

*Note: I didn’t have to look very hard for the images above. I found most of them in blog posts from the past month and only from a few blogs. If I had tried to, I think I could have easily found 10+ examples of each trend across multiple blogs and sites.


diy projects from once wed

January 7, 2010

I’m still not convinced that I’m going to DIY anything for my wedding, but at the same time, I know my budget isn’t going to allow for tons and tons of Etsy purchases, either.

Just in case I decide to sew or craft something (for the first time in my life), I’m going to bookmark Once Wed’s fabric pom tutorial. Speaking from experience, chinese lanterns are a really cute, colorful way to decorate… but also speaking from experience, hanging them up with nails and thumbtacks and fishing wire is no easy feat.

Once Wed also had this super cute fabric flower garland tutorial, but I think it involves a lot more crafting-skill, of which I am sorely lacking.

Now that I come to think of it, Once Wed also had a really pretty boutonniere DIY using herbs… I’m not sure how easy it’ll be to make them look as pretty as they do in the images below, but it’s probably worth a shot. I’m not too picky about flowers and such, so if anything, I’ll probably try to DIY or ask a friend to help me DIY my bouquets and such. Then again, maybe not.

A lot of the brides I’ve worked with have found themselves SUPER busy the last week before the wedding and I’m pretty sure the last thing they wanted to have on their To-Do list is a bunch of DIY projects. Since herbs (and flowers) don’t last very long, florists are generally the busiest riiiight before the wedding. Unfortunate!

Ideally, anything that can be done months in advance should be done months in advance… like DIY projects and printing programs and out-of-town guest baskets, etc.

Anyway, I’m still ring-less and wedding-theme/venue/date/anything-less… so it won’t hurt to dream a little :)